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Bharat Bill Payment Service

Government secured one stop shop for all kinds of bill payment needs SambhavPay portal allows its retailers to pay utility bills such as Electricity, Water, Gas, Fixed-line, Municipal Taxes etc. on behalf of the customers. They can walk up to their nearest SambhavPay retail touchpoint to use this service. As SambhavPay is a registered agent institution under Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), customers can avail these services for extended hours through its retail outlets. The transaction takes place in real time and immediately reflects in customer’s account. The convenience of paying multiple utility bills at one place gives our customers utmost satisfaction.

What do we offer in BBPS?


Launch your BBPS portal through iServeU BBPS API. Develop your own BBPS app with our highly configurable BBPS API.

BBPS Platform

Start your transaction-banking business from day 1 with iServeU’s ready-to-launch BBPS platform. Stay worry-free about development, compliance, and licenses.

One stop access for all your bill payments

Customers can also use any payment method they prefer like Net Banking, credit/debit cards or e-wallets, even in cash if they are paying at an offline outlet. Eventually, the scope of this payment system can even be expanded to municipal taxes, school fees and more. To allow customers to use such a unified bill payment platform, RBI has created a tiered structure of operation for the system. The BBPS will have two components, the Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit (BBPCU) and the Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU). BBPCU will be a central controlling body that will connect all the billers. The RBI authorized NPCI to act as BBPCU for the system. This makes operational, technical and business standards for this system a responsibility of the NPCI.

Electricity Bill

Water Bill

Gas Bill

All Kinds of Municipal Bills

Insurance Premiums Payment

Other Utility Bills