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What is Micro ATM (mATM)?

mATMs are small, portable devices that allow one to initiate and complete financial transactions such as cash withdrawal, and balance inquiry. mATMs are convenient for individuals who need to withdraw cash or conduct transactions in areas where traditional ATMs are not present. This can be done by visiting any nearby Point Of Sale (POS).

Micro ATM (mATM) Functionalities

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Inquiry


Sambhavpay offers a low code integrable module as SDK. Basically, it is a set of software building kits/tools that will be provided by Sambhavpay to you to customize your interface as per your need.

mATM Platform

Start your financial inclusion business from day 1 with Sambhavpay ready-to-launch mATM platform. Stay worry-free about development, compliances, and

Android SDK

This will be used to develop your own android app.

PAX D180

Morfun MP63

PAX A910

Wiseasy P3F1